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Abington High School Academic Support teacher Mr. Daniel Murphy in his room helping students during bridge block on May 26, 2021.
Spotlight on Mr. Daniel Murphy
Drew Donovan, Contributor
This pendant of Buddha is worn to represent what you believe in, the way a Catholic might wear a cross. It’s also for good luck, Cambodian families usually have mini golden statues of Buddha for good luck or a good omen.
An interesting way to spend a weekend
Aaron Gravelle, Contributor
Congrats Green Wave Nation 2021!
Congrats Green Wave Nation 2021!
Patricia Pflaumer, Advisor
The Season 3 Finale of The Weekly Wave
The Weekly Wave Season 3 Finale
Weekly Wave host Aaron Johnson talking about the third season of the show
The Making of The Weekly Wave Episode 3
Owner of Abingtons Cream, Craig Perry, talks with Weekly Wave hosts Derek Tirrell 21 and Aaron Johnson 21
The Weekly Wave Season 3 Episode 14: We All Scream for Ice Cream
Abington High School junior Drew Donovan in a Track and Field meeting that was held in the spring due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Drew Donovan Dash
Dasean Leggitt, Contributor
Abington senior Aaron Siegel at bat for the Green Wave in May of 2021.
A Familiar Face Returns to the Plate
Glenn LaPointe, Contributor
AMC Braintree Theatre as seen at night is located at 21 Grandview Road in Braintree, Mass.
Movie Review for Tom and Jerry
Jocelyn Mounce, Contributor
Abington High School students during the filming of All the Livelong Day for their upcoming April 29-30 performance of WORKING. The musical was filmed due to COVID-19 limitations on live theatre.
Working Through Obstacles
Isabelle Assaf, Contributor
Abington High School student (Class of 2019) Abi Edwards Scholastic Art Award Silver Key Dont Look
The Stigma Is Real
Meghan McCann, Contributor
STOP ANTI-ASIAN RACISM & CHINA BASHING RALLY at Chinatown Archway at 7th and H Street, NW, Washington DC on Saturday afternoon, 27 March 2021
Let’s Talk About Asian Hate
Vy Chau, Contributor
After finishing the tour with Vertex, Amanda Murphy (left) is pictured with Sharon Nicholas (patient advocacy), December 2, 2019, at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
An Unexpected Outcome from a Career Day
Amanda Murphy, Contributor
A meditation bowl can be used to help students relax during times of stress.
Students' Mental Health Impacted by Covid-19
Amaya Turner, Copy Editor
Caught in a Web symbolizes what, for many, it feels like to have an eating disorder.
Best of SNO
The Weight of Gender in Eating Disorders

As a mental illness, an eating disorder does not discriminate. They can affect anyone of any body. Yet, in television shows, therapy booklets,...

April 2 is traditionally the day many wear blue in support of Autism Awareness. This year, consider wearing red instead for Autism Acceptance.
Best of SNO
Awareness vs. Acceptance: Why Autism Speaks Does Not Speak For The Autistic Community

Every year across the world, there is a celebration on April 2 called “Light It Up Blue Day.” The campaign was established by the largest...

Co-founder of Abington News, Rick Collins, talking with Weekly Wave hosts Matt Lyons 21 and Aaron Johnson 21
Best of SNO
The Weekly Wave Season 3 Episode 10: A Conversation with Rick Collins

On Tuesday, Mar. 2, Co-founder of Abington News, Rick Collins, sat down with "The Weekly Wave" hosts Matt Lyons '21 and Aaron Johnson '21 to...

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