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The Green Wave Gazette is Abington High School’s student newspaper.  The newspaper is a co-curricular activity comprised of staff members that meet after school weekly. They discuss news and article ideas; analyze Google analytics; write, revise, and edit articles; interview people; and take or select photographs or videos to be paired with each article. In addition, the staff members review and edit contributing articles.

Staff members also maintain the display case at the 2nd floor rotunda, sell advertising, and promote the Green Wave Gazette.

All Abington High School students are encouraged to submit story ideas and write articles for the paper. If you have a news tip, would like to submit an article, have suggestions/comments, or would like to place an ad, please contact Ms. Patricia Pflaumer, the 2018-2019 advisor.

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201 Gliniewicz Way

Abington, MA  02351

We hope you enjoy The Green Wave Gazette!

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