Guest Speaker Ivy Watts Comes to Abington

Mental health speaker Ivy Watts visits Abington High School to talk about her experience with mental health


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Ivy Watts shares her story to inspire AHS students and destigmatize mental health conversations

Alex Jernegan, Staff Writer

Thanks to the SAAC, Jeff Combs Foundation, Jeremy Russel Memorial Fund, and the Boosters, on April 14th, the classes of 2022 and 2023 attended an assembly about student mental health with Ivy Watts, founder of the blog “Beautifully Simply You.” Watts is also the founder and creator of the mental health platform “Athlete Minds Matter.” Watts told the junior class about her experience as a former student-athlete who appeared to have it all together, graduating summa cum laude and placing as a top 30 finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. She then spoke about how she struggled with daily anxiety, low esteem, and depression. After finally seeking the help she needed, she began the “Beautifully Simply You” blog to promote the importance of mental health. Watts spoke on how “…therapy truly saved my life. I wouldn’t be here right now if I wasn’t able to finally see that I could talk about what I was going through.”

During Watts’s presentation, she spoke on a number of important ideals: “You can use your voice for healing”, “mental health problems are not linear”, “there is always light within the darkness”, and  “we may not all have mental health issues but we all have mental health.” 

I am worthy, I am capable, I good enough!

— Ivy Watts

In addition to her personal story, Watts also discussed ways to make a positive impact and take care of individual student mental health. She spoke of the importance of allowing feelings in without repression, and expressing feelings by talking to someone or writing in diary/journal. She also talked about taking break and setting boundaries, breathing slowly and deeply, and celebrating both small and big wins. Most importantly, Watts talked about having gratitude.

After the presentation, staff writer Alex Jernegan was able to talk with Ivy Watts about what she hopes to achieve with her movement to break stigma and give power to students.

Jernegan: What inspired you to begin this movement?

Watts: To help students reach out for the help they deserve.

Jernegan: What difference do you hope your movement has on younger generations?

Watts: Biggest thing? I hope it will break the stigma. The more we talk about mental health, The more that students can feel less alone and get the help they need

Ivy’s presentation was surely a great experience for student and school staff alike. We should all remember, in Watt’s words, that “I am worthy, I am capable, I good enough!”

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