A Wave Of Awards

AHS Class of 2019 Athletic Recognition Night

Many awards were given during the Abington Athletic Recognition Night on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

Jack Clifford, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, May 29 at 6:30 PM the student-athletes of Abington were recognized in the Middle School Cafeteria for their outstanding success and performance throughout the year. The dinner that accompanied the ceremony was sponsored by The Green Wave Boosters. And Snyder’s Jewelers provided the MVP Watch and Bracelet.

A variety of sports, from Cross Country to Lacrosse, were represented. Student-athletes received MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award, Spirit Award, The Superlative (best of) Awards, The Ultimate Teammate Award, The Most Improved Player Award, The Sportsmanship Awards, The Athletic Department Award, and other individual awards.

Some notable awards were those of Bryson Andrews for breaking the all-time point score for the Boys Basketball with (1,210) and Maddie O’Connell and Katie Marando for running a  4X100m In 53.27 seconds.

This is a list of the awards from the Athletic Night:

  • Boys Soccer MVP – Bobby Molloy
  • Girls Soccer MVP – Isabella O’Connell
  • Boys Cross Country – Brice Tolan
  • Girls Cross Country – Jackie Earner
  • Golf MVP – Joe McCarthy
  • Fall Cheer MVP – Carolyn Doherty
  • Football MVPs – Christian Labossier* and Will Klein
  • Volleyball MVP – Corin Mahan
  • Boys Basketball MVP – Bryson Andrews
  • Girls Basketball MVP – Maureen Stanton*
  • Ice Hockey MVP – Matt Long*
  • Boys Indoor Track MVP – Brice Tolan*
  • Girls Indoor Track MVP – Jackie Earner
  • Boys Lacrosse MVP – Nathan Joyce*
  • Girls Lacrosse MVP – Maddie Grafton*
  • Boys Track MVP – Brice Tolan*
  • Girls Track MVP – Katie Marando*
  • Girls Tennis MVP – Ailey Riddick
  • Softball MVP – Casey Strobel*
  • Baseball MVP – Ricky Reissfielder
  • Ultimate Frisbee MVP – Bobby Molloy
  • Green Wave Boosters Robert E. Maguire Spirit Awards – Kristyanna Remillard* and Colin Leary*

Individual Athletic Awards:

  • Best All-Around Male Athlete – Christian Labossier*
  • Best All-Around Female Athletes – Madison O’Connell*
  • South Shore League Scholar Athletes – Madison O’Connell* and Brice Tolan*
  • Ultimate Teammate Award – Nathan Joyce*, Megan Reid* and Katie Marando*
  • Unified Sports Award – Chris Hagerty*
  • John B. Reilly Sportsmanship Award – Mike Broomstein*
  • Walter F. Paster Trophy – Jessica Brundage*
  • Jeff Kent Sportsmanship Award – Katie Marando*
  • GWP Award – Josiah Rosa* and Casey Strobel*
  • Athletic Department Award – Dylan Magararu* and Maddie O’Connell*

*these seniors graduated on Saturday, June 1. The following are continuing their athletics at college: Brice Tolan (Bentley University); Bryson Andrews (Bridgeton Academy); Carly Goldberg (SUNY, Cobbleskill); Christian Labossier (Curry College); Emma Coe (UNH); Hannah Kearney (Simmons College); Jenny O’Neil (UVM); Jessica Brundage (Curry College); Jordyn Needle (Bentley University); Kristyanna Remillard (Curry College); Maddie Grafton (Curry College); Madison Contrino (Curry College); Madison O’Connell (UMASS, Boston); Mikayla Zulon (Rivier College); Maureen Stanton (Maine Maritime); Mike Broomstein (Curry College).

Congratulations to everyone on the success of your seasons. May you continue with outstanding achievements!