Tennis Team Serve’s Up a Great Season

New Courts and Committed Players Help Bring Success

Bill Marquardt, with permission
Abby Joyce, '21 and Lyla Blanchard (in background) '21

Brendon Grafton , Contributor

With the completion of Abington’s new Middle/High School has come the addition of six new tennis courts. These tennis courts are located to the left of the Middle School, in the rear. The new courts are a major improvement to the old ones, which were located between the Frolio Middle School and the Beaver Brook Elementary School.  

With the greater number of courts, it is easier for every athlete to participate during practice. According to freshman Lyla Blanchard, a member of the tennis team, it is “convenient for all the players to get so much usage out of them.” Blanchard also said that, “The new tennis courts are great to practice and play matches on.” The Abington tennis team makes good use of the new tennis courts holding many practices and hosting many games here.  

In addition, the new courts are smoother, allowing for more natural bounces, unlike the old tennis courts which had many cracks.  

The tennis program at Abington High only seems to be growing and sees a bright future ahead of it.  ”

— Brendon Grafton

These tennis courts serve as the home court of Abington’s tennis team. Led by Coach Prizio, the team went 9-11 on the season, making a great effort this year. Coach Prizio said, “One more win and we could have had a postseason.” 

The Abington Tennis team has accomplished so much more than the past years. According to Coach Prizio, “Getting to nine wins and only have four last year is an accomplishment. We have a young team. Next year [we are] losing five seniors, four of which are starters.” 

Cecilia Lindo, another freshman and member of the tennis team, said “It was our best season since 2009 or 2010. We missed the tournament by only one game.” 

Although the team has lost five seniors, according to Coach Prizio, “We have three freshmen this year and three sophomores starting all year.” He also said that “three returning sophomore starters are coming back next year.” 

Regarding next year, Lindo said “I feel like it will go pretty well. Seeing as four of the five seniors started, we will need current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to step it up. We will be looking for current eighth graders to step up to the team.” The new courts should bring in many interested tennis players ready for the high school tennis season. 

Coach Prizio’s hopes for next year’s team are “to maintain the same level of consistency, the same level of determination, and the same level of hard work.” 

The tennis program at Abington High only seems to be growing and sees a bright future ahead of it.  

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