Bright Futures for these Freshmen 

A Jump Start into Varsity Baseball


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Craig O’Connor, Aaron Siegel, Brady Cristoforo, and Christian Labossiere

Kate Baxter, Contributor

Brady Cristoforo and Aaron Siegal are two young freshman who have the opportunity to play varsity baseball. Coach Perakslis says “due to the lack of players playing this year they are being forced to play varsity baseball where in the past they would get the experience on JV. They have both met the challenges and are exceeding above my expectations.” Cristoforo and Siegal have had an amazing start to their first high school baseball season.

On the field, Cristoforo and Siegal both pitch or play 3rd base for their team. Cristoforo says “being able to play varsity baseball as a freshman really boosts my confidence.” Siegal, on the other hand, says that “playing on varsity baseball as a freshman makes me feel proud of myself to know that all my hard work paid off.” With these two being able to know what it feels like as a freshman on a varsity sports only makes room for them to improve for the future years.

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The future of our baseball program will succeed and get better in the next four years.

— Coach Steve Perakslis

When asked what they hope for, Cristoforo hopes to be “one of the best baseball players to go through Abington High School” and go off and play for college. Then later on in his life he wants to follow the footsteps of his coach, Steve Perakslis, who has been coaching for 32 years at AHS as the varsity baseball coach.

Siegal’s goal for this year as a baseball player is to “help the team make it to tournament” and keep his batting average high up, and go as far as he can with baseball.

Coach Perakslis says “Siegal and Cristoforo both love baseball more than any other sport they participate in. The future of our baseball program will succeed and get better in the next four years. Siegal and Cristoforo will be a major part of that success.”

Both of these students have had much success this year playing baseball and we can only wait to see what brings to them and their team as a whole.