The Abington Football Superbowl : Within a Student’s Eyes

A “Thank You” to the team


Bill Marquardt

AHS played their 2021 Super Bowl game at Gillette stadium

Caroline Morrell, Copy Editor

Friday, November 19th Abington High School won against St. Mary’s and guaranteed a spot in the division state championship at Gillette.

The Gillette Stadium—where the Revs and Patriots play—hosted the  Super Bowl. It was an honor for Abington, a small town in Massachusetts, to have the opportunity to show off.

The whole week before the big game, everyone was excited and looking forward to Gillette. This senior class had gone 0-8 in their youth football league. Making it to the Super Bowl proved their progress and dedication to the sport. The students and faculty applauded the football team for their proactive accomplishment.

Going into Gillette was thrilling for all. Our team got to step on the same field as former patriot, Tom Brady. Fans that came to support—some whom never gone to Gillette Stadium—could feel the players’ eagerness through the stands. Crowds of students, faculty, alumni, friends, and generations of families, came together to stand by our Abington Highschool varsity football team.

We chanted through the ups and felt deep empathy during the downs. Even though the games results were not in our favor, it was still a true honor to have been invited to Gillette for the state division championship.

Congratulations to the football team for making it that far in the season this year and thank you for sharing your experience with the Abington community. Also, to this year’s seniors that played, four years of hard work has paid off within your high school career: your class has made it to two Super Bowls (one of which Abington won).

Abington appreciates your passion towards the sport and the influence our team’s captains; Edward Reilly, Thomas Fanara, and Shea McClellan, had on their fellow teammates. On behalf of the Abington community, we all wish class of ’22 football players the best of luck with whatever their future holds.