Jackie Earner: A Freshman to Watch

Running Towards Success


Matt Campbell, with permission

Freshman Jackie Earner sporting her “lucky braids” as she calls them and junior Sara Christian at the starting line during a league meet on October 26, 2018.

Ava Reid, Contributor

Jackie Earner is a freshman at Abington High School. She is a hard worker both in the classroom, where she receives high honors grades, and on the field where she has received athletic awards. She was also named an All-Scholastics: Girls Cross-County in the Enterprise.

Earner has played multiple sports, such as basketball, softball, and soccer, and runs in track and cross county. Earner explained that “last year I was supposed to go over to the soccer meeting when we were called down to pick our sports for the fall season, but last second I spontaneously decided to join cross country. I had done soccer my whole life.”

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I have always been known as the weird girl that actually likes to do the thing that other sports call punishment.”

— Jackie Earner

Earner said she was “scared to run her first meet,” but she also was “trying to stay confident.” She added that “it worked out really well. Now I feel very confident and supported by my team mates.”

Although she participates in both cross-country and track she “prefers cross-country” because she has better endurance. “Cross-country is my all time favorite sport, by far.” She elaborated, saying she loves cross-country because “I love running long distance. I have always been known as the weird girl that actually likes to do the thing that other sports call punishment.”

In an invitational cross-country meet, Earner placed 3rd in the Bob McIntyre Twilight Invitational. Earner was also invited personally to three meets. She placed 8th in the South Shore League (SSL) All Star Championship; 11th in the Eastern Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Championship, and 106th in the MIAA All State Championship. She was also the fastest freshman in the South Shore League. Earner received many honors and said she “appreciates” her teammates, and that “overall the team itself was honestly the greatest.”

In addition to cross-country, Earner also participated in winter track, a newly offered sport at Abington High. She earned a silver medal for second place in the South Shore League in winter track for the mile with a 6:04 mile time, as well as being name the League All Star. She was also the top point scorer in winter track.

Mr. Matt Campbell, Earner’s coach and an 8th grade history teacher at Abington Middle School, had this to say about Earner. “Jackie has really solidified herself as one of the top distance runners in the South Shore League for many years to come. She brings an incredibly positive attitude to practice on a daily basis and pushes herself to new limits for each meet. Despite her accomplishments in Cross Country and Winter Track, she remains humble and hungry for more success.”

Despite the hard work and time she puts into sports, Earner said being a student-athlete is not that difficult to balance. “I make sure I have time to relax, hang with friends, and do my homework.”

Mrs. Clifford, Earner’s teacher in Honors English, said that recently, “Jackie was chosen to direct our class film by her peers—a wonderful choice because she is a natural leader who knows how to get great results from people. She took on a stressful role, and handled herself professionally at all times.”

It is clear from the attitudes of people who work with her and the results of her own hard work that Earner is a very well-rounded student, strong athlete, and a great role model. Come watch her strive for many more successes when spring sports at Abington High School begin on Monday, March 18.

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