From “Hola” to “Spike!”

Teacher and Coach: Spotlight on Sra. Coach Hamilton


Bill Marquardt with graphics by Dylan Magararu

Abington Green Wave Volleyball Team with Coach Hamilton (fifth from right in rear) ready for the season.

Maria Wood, Staff Writer

Sra. Hamilton is very well known as a Spanish teacher at Abington Middle School. But these days students are also getting to know her as the coach for both the freshman and varsity girls’ volleyball teams.

This is not Coach Hamilton’s first coaching experience, as she has coached her children in youth basketball and softball. She has also coached varsity volleyball at Bridgewater-Raynham High School before coming to Abington.

Coach Hamilton has been involved in sports for a long time. And she has always been an athlete. She started playing volleyball in her native country of Puerto Rico in 4th grade. In high school and college, Coach Hamilton participated in volleyball and softball. She isn’t the only person in her family with athletic talent, either. Her father participated in the Olympics for sailing, and her uncle and brothers took part in the Pan-Am (Pan-American) games. She states that she “comes from a line of athletes and Olympians,” so it is in her blood to be involved in a sport.

These days, she doesn’t play volleyball anymore because of two torn ligaments in her knees. However, it is obvious that she would be on the court if she could.

Being a new coach at AHS, Hamilton has had an opportunity to establish her coaching style. Her philosophy is to “Have fun, work hard, and play harder.” With that in mind, her practices are set up like real game situations: full court and all of the nets out. Her players then proceed to warm up, stretch, and play as much as possible.

Being both a coach and a Spanish teacher is something that she enjoys very much. “Being raised in Puerto Rico and playing volleyball since I was in 4th grade, I am doing what I love: teaching students Spanish and teaching and coaching kids on how to play volleyball,” she says.

The Abington Volleyball team is a relatively new organization to the high school.  This is only the team’s second year . Unlike other sports at AHS, there is no youth league for children. Coach Hamilton wants to expand the sport even further by starting an after-school program for girls that are in grades 5-8.


— Coach Hamilton

To anyone that is considering joining the team next season, Hamilton encourages clinics and camps beforehand.

“It is an awesome sport to play.  It is important to know that it is not backyard volleyball and there are rules and technique to playing the sport.  Again, it is an awesome sport to learn,” she adds.

The varsity team is currently 2-6 and is “playing more and more like a team every day,” Coach Hamilton says. “They are an awesome group of girls who work extremely hard and are willing to learn.  It has been an honor to work with them.”