Coldplay Lights Up Gillette

A show filled with color and incredible performances


Emily Dankese

Coldplay at Gillette Stadium

Emily Dankese, Contributor

On July 30 Coldplay visited Gillette Stadium to play for a sold-out crowd. Their recent album and tour is called “A Head Full of Dreams.” Not only did the band play almost every song on their new album, they also played many old hits dating back to 2000. Frontman and vocalist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion entertained the energized crowd with over two hours of music.

Every fan who entered was given a “Xyloband,” which is an LED wristband equipped with a radio receiver that can be programmed to light up at specific times or in sync with the music, to create a sea of colors. After two upbeat opening performances by Alessia Cara and Foxes, the pitch black stadium lit up red as the band appeared on stage.

Coldplay Case Study

The show kicked off with confetti and fireworks as the band opened with “A Head Full of Dreams.” Fans would not have a chance to sit down for the next six songs, including “Yellow,” their 2000 breakthrough hit. For that one, the stadium turned yellow with lights and Xylobands as the song was introduced. After that, the audience settled in to listen, and cry, to a moving performance of “The Scientist.” Later, the band sang an energetic “Paradise,” while the Xylobands changed from purple to blue to green. Martin danced with the audience running up and down the stage’s runway.

After performing for 45 minutes,  Martin talked to the audience for a while. Shortly after, the band played the beautiful song “Everglow,” with a world peace video in the background. Red Xylobands and lasers flashed across the stadium during the the performance of the band’s 2002 hit “Clocks.” While dancing to “Charlie Brown,” it seemed as though everyone forgot their worries and just enjoyed the moment.

Fans would not have a chance to sit down for the next six songs.

— Emily Dankese

The new hit song, “Hymn for the Weekend” followed. Then, Coldplay belted out the stunning song “Fix You,” which was full of passion and enthusiasm. It brought everyone together, singing the lyrics while Martin caught his breath. The band surprised the audience with a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” as a tribute to the late artist. After that the audience was back on their feet screaming every lyric of “Viva La Vida.” As soon as the audience heard Buckland play the “Adventure of a Lifetime” guitar riff, everyone was dancing. Confetti shot into the air and giant balloons were thrown out into the crowd.

The band played four songs on the tiny C-stage, located towards the back of the stadium. Later on, Martin told the crowd that the C-stage was about the size of the room of one of their first gigs. All four Coldplay members were extremely modest and kind, sincerely thanking everyone for coming out to see them.

Although light rain started to come down, it didn’t kill the band’s or the audience’s energy as the encore started. The audience slowly swayed back and forth listening to the melodious “Amazing Day.” The audience was brought back to 2014 when the hit “A Sky Full of Stars” began to play. The Xylobands turned dark and turquoise blue, sparkling, and making Gillette really look like a sky full of stars. “Up and Up,” the new song that was played at the Superbowl, brought everyone together for one last time as fireworks exploded.

The concert was surely not one to miss. For people who missed it, or want to see Coldplay again, they will be back at Gillette on August 4, 2017.