“Here” To Stay

Alessia Cara on the Path to Fame

Morgan MacNeil-Berry, Staff Writer

Eighteen-year-old Canadian singer Alessia Cara recently released her single “Here.” Her single is currently No. 31 on the iTunes charts and climbing. The Daily Californian describes Cara’s vocal presence as “a softer, younger Rhianna with the storytelling talent of [Taylor] Swift.” The song tells the story of a partygoer who sits uncomfortably in the corner and counting down the minutes until they can leave. Cara confesses that it is a true story. Premiered by The Fader (a new your based music magazine www.fader.com), Cara’s single and music video totaled over 500,000 streams in its first week.

While giving off an old soul type feel, Cara manages to also insert a modern and young vibe into her music with her cool and raspy vocals. In many ways, her song emanates a similar style to her influences Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheeran. With the help of a strong backbeat from the drums as well as piano riffs, Cara perfectly blends the modern day pop music with old-school R&B.

Cara perfectly blends the modern day pop music with old-school R&B.

— Morgan MacNeil-Berry

When creating the track to go with her vocals, Cara and her producers create an amazing structure for the instrumentals. With the first verses having a faster pace, Cara and her team allowed the chorus to slow down giving the entire song a nice flow.

After listening to her single, I could not stop listening to it. It is one of those songs that when it gets stuck in your head, you don’t mind. “Here” is the type of song that capture the minds of anyone who has ever felt out of place or uncomfortable at a party. The lyrics depict an extraordinarily accurate depiction of the thoughts and feelings of an introvert in an awkward position. The song also proves to be a bit edgy, allowing Cara to express how she really feels about the party.

Like her other songs “Seventeen” and “Four Pink Walls”, all of Cara’s songs are relatable to teenagers. Being able to relate to the song and the person just allows the music to become even more enjoyable. I cannot wait to hear what else Cara has to offer. She has shown that she has the ability to reach out to all types of audiences which will take her far in the music business. Cara is a fresh faced star on the rise. You can find news and other information on her webpage www.alessiacara.com. Cara’s EP Four Pink Walls was released on August 28.