Back in Time to “1989”

With Taylor Swift at Gillette


Staff Photo by Abby Gendreau

Taylor Swift Performs at Gillette Stadium July 2015

Abby Gendreau, Staff Writer

In July, Taylor Swift made her fourth visit to Gillette Stadium, this time with her 1989 World Tour.  This was an amazing show; however it was different than in the past. This time Swift mainly sang new songs instead of a combination as she did in the past.  One great and unexpected surprise was the light-up bracelets given to fans as they entered the stadium.  These were super cool bracelets that we activated as Swift first came on stage.  The lights changed along to the music and really brought the show into the audience.  That made both regular fans and major “Swifties” (like me) feel really happy because we were truly part of the show.

The show was a special experience. Opening acts Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim were great lead ins to the main event.  But, as the opening notes to “Welcome to New York” sounded, and the screens showed the streets of New York’s Times Square with all of its billboards and lights, we knew it was time for Taylor Swift. Fun dance breaks, like “Bad Blood” and “Shake it Off” were coming our way, as was a mash up of  “Enchanted” and “Wildest Dreams,” featuring Swift playing the piano  As always Taylor Swift gave her fans valuable advice during the show, reminding everyone that they matter and not to settle.

During most of the shows of the 1989 World Tour Taylor Swift has brought out special guests.  During night one, indie rock band Walk the Moon came out to sing “Shut up and Dance.”  It was a great time with the whole place dancing.  The next night she brought out the duo MKTO to sing “Classic” with her.

Not only were there special guests, during Swift’s costume changes, videos of her friends played talking about their friendship.  These videos included celebrity friends like Selena Gomez and others who were featured in the “Bad Blood” music video. They also featured her high school best friend, Abigail Anderson, who was mentioned in the song “Fifteen” and who sometimes goes to events with Swift.  The video also featured Swift’s cats Meredith and Olivia Benson.

The show was an amazing experience. We have attended at least one of the concerts for all of Swift’s shows at Gillette and this one was as good as all the rest.  Go see Taylor Swift if you have the opportunity.