Peer Leaders Send Love

Abington Students Skype with Mullins Students


Elizabeth Roy

Abington High School’s Peer Leaders meet in the Seminar Room on March 19, 2019 to Skype with the students at the McCormick Elementary School in Mullins, South Carolina.

Elizabeth Roy, Staff Writer

Last month, the Peer Leaders at Abington High sent packages full of gifts to the elementary school students at McCormick Elementary School in Mullins, SC. Many of these children were greatly affected by Hurricane Florence, some being displaced from their homes.

It was touching to see the genuine happiness on their faces, as they had been eagerly waiting to open their gifts.

— Ailey Riddick

Although the hurricane name Florence was just retired by the World Meteorological Organization due to the destruction and damage it caused last fall, communication between Abington High School and McCormick Elementary School continues.

On Tuesday, March 19, the AHS Peer Leaders met the children from McCormick Elementary via Skype. On the big screen in Abington’s seminar room, the Peer Leaders watched the McCormick students open their “We Do Care” packages that were sent to them during February vacation.  

The Peer Leaders were very excited to meet the kids that they made gifts packages for.

All the Elementary kids waved and sang a song. They were seated at a long table and faced the video camera. The children chanted a little song about how they were thankful for all that the Peer Leaders did for them which was conducted by the teacher.  They were smiling and their faces were lit up with excitement.  

Junior Ailey Riddick said, “It was touching to see the genuine happiness on their faces, as they had been eagerly waiting to open their gifts.”  Ailey was seated in the Seminar Room with the rest of the Peer Leaders and she watched the children receive and open their gifts on the screen.  

Another Peer Leader, sophomore Olivia Bregoli, said the Mullins students were “such special kids” and that she “loved seeing them open their wonderful gifts” that the Peer Leaders created for them.  

Peer Leaders is such a caring and influential club at AHS. These gift packages are just one of the many ways that they help people all over the country and to see the effect that they made was such an amazing moment.

NOTE: The writer of this article is a member of this club doing good work.