Good Numbers For the Gazette

Readership up 39 percent

As another school year comes to an end, it’s time to count up the page views. Below is a list of the most read articles for the year. Overall we have received 29,500 page views for the year from nearly 9,000 users. Most of our readers are from the local area, but some are from every corner of the globe. All of the data was gathered using Google Analytics where we can see that most of our page views came as the result of Facebook and Twitter posts. “Life in Abington” and “Abington Green Wave Boosters” were both very helpful in generating page views, as were retweets and likes from local supporters Ms. Pflaumer, Assistant Principal Sullivan, Dr. G., Ms. Mchugh and others. We should point out that page views included repeated views by the same user. Enjoy and follow the links to read them again or for the very first time.

Below are the top 46 page view articles (100 views or more) for the 2015/2016 school year:

# Article Writer Position Page Views
1 Alyssa Johnson: Living Her Dream Madison Contrino Contributor 1,050
2 Mikalya Rooney: Nursing School Jason Kinniburgh Contributor 872
3 Senior Dave Lyons Josiah Rosa Contributor 548
4 Boston Marine Corps Run Abbi Ricketson Contributor 473
5 Unsung Hero: Brian Diver Tyler Moulton Staff 465
6 2015 Fall Sports Slide Show GWG Staff 459
7 Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Gerhart Brianna Medeiros Staff 428
8 Pep Rally 2015 Slide Show Sarah Tornato  and Amber Romano Staff 415
9 Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Kenealy Matthew Burbine Staff 399
10 The Last Beam Jhenifer Mendes Contributor 333
11 Mr. Bailey Retires Katelyn LaRosa Staff 314
12 Mike Hazen Takes Over as Red Sox GM Jake Snyder Staff 310
13 Colleen O’Neil: Diving Right In at LSU Jenny O’Neil Contributor 293
14 Sideline Interview with Coach Casey Cailin Mahoney Contributor 286
15 PCC Magic Lila Carey Contributor 286
16 Riding the Wave to College Madisen Caferro Contributor 275
17 Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Emily Johnson Staff 254
18 Katie Donovan is Ready to Play Alexis LaPointe Contributor 235
19 Mike Hazen: From the Green Wave to the Green Monster Jamie Dunn Staff 222
20 “Damn Yankees” Preview GWG Staff 218
21 Courtside with Coach Moore Carly Goldberg Contributor 211
23 Ultimate Manny Sarah Tornato Staff 189
24 Unsung Hero: Jill McKeon Tyler Moulton Staff 172
25 Too Much Focus on Grades (2014) Alyssa Devlin Staff 169
26 Holiday Concert Slide Show GWG Staff 159
27 Not So Foreign After All Emma Coe Contributor 157
28 Math team is Super Fun Autumn Strickland Staff 155
29 Make Your Mark: Jason Polito Lauren Nelligan Contributor 146
30 Unified Sports Madison O’Connell Contributor 146
31 “Clue” Will Keep You Guessing Allison MacLeod Staff 145
32 At the Feet of the Masters Jocelyn Lemus Chavarria Contributor 141
33 Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Howell Sarah Tornato Staff 139
34 Unsung Hero: Ian MacLeod Tyler Moulton Staff 129
35 Sideline Interview with Coach McGinness Nicole Marella Contributor 122
36 Nature and Its Beauty Nathan Joyce Contributor 118
37 Badminton Blast 2015 Sarah Tornato  and Amber Romano Staff 108
38 Trackside with Coach Lanner Megan Reid Contributor 108
39 Back in Time to “1989” Abby Gendreau Staff 107
40 Artists Lively Up Old Shoe Factory Alicia Hammill Staff 106
41 Prince’s Fascinating Life and Tragic Death Frazier Toomey Contributor 106
42 A Ground Breaking Ceremony Marc Vento Staff 103
43 Katie Donovan Signs Letter of Intent Brianna Medeiros Staff 103
44 Teacher Spotlight: Miss Pietrasik (Oct. 2014) Allison Dennehy Staff 103
45 Soaring Past the Competition Michael Broomstein Contributor 102
46 Don’t Judge Me By My Sister Katie Marando Contributor 100