Senior Dave Lyons

The Spirit of the Class of 2016

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Dave Lyons leads the roller coaster at a girl’s basketball game. (Bill Marquardt Photo

Every high school has its own unique set of seniors, and at Abington High School we certainly have ours. Dave Lyons is one who has made the most of his final year of high school. Known for his athletic prowess in football and baseball, his animated persona throughout school, and ability to rowdy up the crowd at rallies and sporting events, he recently added acting to his list of accomplishments and managed to squeeze in a school trip to Spain. What can’t he do? We touched base with Lyons (and a few of his classmates) about his many activities.

Dave and his proud parents on senior day.
Abington Green Wave Boosters
Dave and his proud parents on senior day.

Abington Ball 

Lyons has nothing but positive things to say about his four years playing football and baseball for the Green Wave. “Abington is a town with tradition and a town that’s known for great sports. These past four years playing football and baseball have been some of the best of my life, and I’ve created so many memories from them. My coaches have helped me to become not only a better player, but a better person. They taught me about life. I’m going to miss playing football for Coach Kel (Kelliher) and Coach Reilly and baseball for Coach P (Perakslis). They have helped me in so many ways,” said Lyons.

My coaches have helped me to become not only a better player, but a better person.

— Dave Lyons

Getting Rowdy 

To have true Green Wave Pride (GWP) you have to know how to get rowdy. Lyons and his fan posse do just that. “I’ve seen some classic ‘hype-men’ come along. Nick Malafronte, Jack Malafronte, Brendan Kerr and Dan Golbranson come to mind. And, I told myself I wanted to be the best. Getting rowdy at games is awesome.”

Lyons knows it isn’t all about him. “I have to credit the other hype-men, guys like Owen Kearney, Chris “Chevy” Chevalier, Anthony “Chivnasty” Chiavaroli and Owen Leary.”  Each of them checked in with thoughts on keeping the fans and the teams in the game. “There’s nothing better than showing your Green Wave Pride with Dave Lyons. Whether it’s doing the roller coaster, or screaming until you lose your voice, it’s always a fun experience,” said Kearney. “You got to have the GWP to get rowdy and cheer on your friends no matter what sport it is, because they feed off your energy,” said Chevalier“It takes passion and a sense of pride in your team. When you chant, it can’t be a soft cheer, it’s got to be heard throughout the arena, court, or field,” said Chiavaroli. “(You have to have) great costumes, and energy,” said Leary.

“Damn Yankees”  

David Lyons (Joe Hardy), Leah Alessi (Meg) and Mike Nickley (Joe Boyd) in "Damn Yankees"
Dave Lyons (Joe Hardy), Leah Alessi (Meg) and Mike Nickley (Joe Boyd) in “Damn Yankees.”

Playing young Joe Hardy in the Drama Club’s presentation of “Damn Yankees” required Lyons to sing and act with drama veterans Leah Alessi, Nicole Bradbury, Mike Nickley and Travis Torchetti. And, although he has seen more than his share of big challenges on the playing fields, he found this to be just as (maybe more) difficult. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I’m glad I did it. I had so much fun. The singing was very difficult because I had to hit certain notes, stay in key, and things like that. After a while it became easier. Once the lights came on, and the room darkened, it was totally different. Being on stage was scary as (blank,) but after the first song, and the first couple of scenes, I started to settle in. In my head, I just told myself to stay calm and give the people what they wanted… a great show,” said Lyons.


Lyons plays second base for the Green Wave baseball team. Last year, his batting average was .245 and even hit a home run. This year he hopes to bat over .320, make zero errors and help the team win the South Shore League title. He thinks their
chances are very good. “I’m extremely excited. We have a great team with players that have lots of experience and a great coaching staff,” said Lyons.13047790_10154436598465348_8958904441579446383_o (809x960) (809x960)

Senior Year  

Senior year can be tough. Whether it’s saying goodbye to your friends or feeling overwhelmed and scared of going out into the world on your own. But, that hasn’t changed Lyons. “Being a senior is bittersweet. You’ve finally made it to your last year, but in a way, you don’t want to go. I’m going to miss this place, as weird as that may sound. I’m going to miss seeing my boys every day. I’m going to miss some of the teachers here. The bond and friendships I’ve created with them is pretty special to me. I’m going to miss playing high school sports. I’m going to miss high school a lot, but I’m excited for what my future has to hold,” said Lyons.”

Message to the Fans 

“Just know your boy Dave Lyons loves you all. Follow me on twitter @DLyons_26.”


Lyons will attend Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH in the fall where in addition to focusing on his studies, he will play football.

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