Nature and Its Beauty

Relieve Stress With All the Outdoors Has to Offer


(Family photo with permission)

The author at a campsite in Foxboro, MA

Nathan Joyce, Contributor

Are you stressed, bored, or need to be healthier? Well then, stop using your phone and look outside the window at all that’s around you. Nature and all of its beauties and wonders will help you be healthier physically and mentally. When you go outside and experience nature, you become relieved of stress, and you can find new experiences. In understanding all that the outdoors has to offer, you may even find something new you love and enjoy.

Nature can be a great stress relief for many people. Going on a hike or going for a swim is very soothing. The feeling of being out and free takes your mind off things like the stresses of school and work. Beautiful scenery and fresh air can be relaxing in stressful times if there is a problem or worry in your life. According to the online source Prevention, in the article “Natural Ways to Calm Down,” a study done in Scotland determined that people who lived near “green” areas have lower stress levels.

Beautiful scenery and fresh air can be relaxing in stressful times if there is a problem or worry in your life.”

— Nathan Joyce

Getting away can clear your mind and allow you to problem solve. According to the online group CRCHealth, hundreds of studies have found that being in nature has a huge effect on stress relief. Stress relief is important for students because stress, according to WebMD (an online health website), can lead to depression, anxiety and many other health diseases. So, it’s important to get outside, and in nature, because your mind rests, and it allows you to calm down and relax.

Another benefit of nature is that for those that like water, swimming strengthens muscles and makes you healthier. Exercising your heart and other organs helps with keeping away disease such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. A great place to get exercise in water is Island Grove in Abington, a place where you can swim. Island Grove is on Park Ave right across from the Abington police station.

Breathing non-polluted fresh air is good for your lungs, which you can feel with every breath you take. According to WebMD, exercise strengthens your lungs and increases your oxygen intake which makes you healthier. Exercise is also a great way to lose weight or stay looking fit. Health magazines and programs such as Authority Nutrition say that exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. Without getting outside and into nature, you could be missing all of these health benefits. Nature is never too far away.  There are some beautiful parks very close by. One is Ames Nowell State Park which is on Linwood St. in Abington. It’s right up the road and is a great place to experience nature.

A little farther away, in the town of Milton is the Blue Hills Reservation. It has 125 miles of hiking trails, an observation tower with 360 degree views of  Metropolitan Boston, and a swimming beach at Houghton’s Pond. So, if you find yourself stressed out or feeling unhealthy, consider getting out in nature.