YouTube Sensation Ruth B Releases “The Intro”

Debut EP for the Canadian Singer

(Go Moxie)

(Go Moxie)


Allison Dennehy, Staff Writer

Twenty-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth B has released her first EP entitled “The Intro.” Her career began on the short video sharing social media Vine, similar to the start of another popular Canadian star Shawn Mendes’s career. Ruth B has about two million followers on Vine and began her process of creating an EP by first posting six second snippets of her original song “Lost Boy.” After encouragement from fans, Ruth B began serious song writing just over a year ago in January of 2015. With the release of this EP, and her recent rise to fame, Ruth B has accumulated nearly two and a half million YouTube subscribers and a record contract with Columbia Records, who also signed Adele, One Direction, and Beyoncé.

She inspires people to seek the love and attention they deserve

— Allison Dennehy

Ruth B’s ballads tell a story in a way that resembles artists like Sarah Bareilles. Her piano driven pieces are a result of piano lessons she received at eight-years-old. Ruth B’s influences are not strictly artists that rely heavily on soft ballads featuring the piano, but range from the Beatles to Lauryn Hill.

“Lost Boy” was the song that put Ruth B on the map. It’s inspired by the Peter Pan storyline on the ABC TV show “Once Upon A Time.” Ruth B’s music video for this song, which is comprised of clips from the 2003 film “Peter Pan” received over 100,000 views overnight. This song shows off her ability to reach high notes effortlessly while still sticking to her typical style of piano driven ballads.

It  tells the story of an adventurous person finding freedom and peace as they escape from their lonely reality. Her songs “Golden” and “Superficial Love” also fall under a theme of strength in individuality. “Golden” was the most upbeat song on the EP, as Ruth B created a sense of confidence and empowerment as she learned to be herself, and to stay true to her character instead of being who people told her to be. “Superficial Love” calls out those that do not value their partners in relationships for all they offer as a person and simply focus on a surface level, physical relationship. She inspires people to seek the love and attention they deserve, and not settling for a relationship just for show.

The first track , “2 Poor Kids,” is Ruth B’s strongest vocal performance on the EP, as she showcases her strong runs and strange phrasing, which she has become known for. This song is a bold statement as a first track because it shows her opposition to fame, money and power; it seems that she is staying grounded, and valuing the important things in life, like love. “2 Poor Kids” mocks those that fail to realize what she has; being content with life despite status, wealth or power.

Ruth B has a laid back and calming voice that can grab the attention of any listener. This internet sensation is on the rise to fame. For links to Ruth B’s social media accounts and other important information visit