Maddie and Tae Poke Fun at the Boys

Winning a CMA for “Girl in a Country Song”

Abby Gendreau, Staff Writer

Nine years ago the new young female in country music was Taylor Swift.  However, as the years passed Swift grew up and then left country music for the most part.  Two new young ladies, Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, also known as Maddie and Tae, could at least partially take her place as country music’s sweethearts. Their first album “Start Here” was released on August 28.

It is nice to have music that shows girls standing up for themselves.

— Abby Gendreau

These girls sing with a lot of sass, calling out people they have a problem with when they sing. “Girl in a Country Song,” the first single from their album, is a great song that pokes fun at country music.  It talks about the patronizing images that male singers portray toward women in their songs and videos.  It is a girl power type song, with a catchy beat.

Most of their songs take on this type of persona.  Because of this they are forming empowering new music for young girls to listen to and be inspired by.  Most music today, county or otherwise, is condescending and stereotypical. It is nice to have music that shows girls standing up for themselves to men and societal views on who and what they should be.

They are just starting out in the music world, however they have already won their first ever CMA award (November 4) for Music Video of the Year for “Girl in a Country Song.”  That may have been their first CMA, but it will most likely not be their last.  Maddie and Tae, seem like they are here to stay.