Cassadee Pope’s New Inspirational Single: “I Am Invincible”

A song that can turn a bad day into a great one.




Cassadee Pope

Nivetha Aravindan, Staff Writer

Cassadee Pope developed confidence in her solo music career during the blind auditions for season three of “The Voice.” After performing as the lead singer for the band Hey Monday for three years, she decided it was time to go it alone. “The Voice” was her chance to prove she had made the right choice.

Pope’s newfound confidence grew from impressing all four of the judges with her powerful performance during the blind auditions. Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera all tried to convince the powerful soloist to choose them as her coach, but she ultimately chose Blake Shelton as her most promising mentor. She later went on to win that season; from there her journey began.

I Am Invincible” conveys the message that …anyone can use a negative experience as motivation to begin an amazing challenge

— Nivetha Aravindan

“I Am Invincible,” Pope’s current single, has captured the attention of many people. The encouraging lyrics express the cruciality of preserving inner strength, courage and confidence, regardless of the hardships that one may encounter.  In the song, she declares, “Nothing’s gonna make me break or shatter. No one’s gonna tell me that I don’t matter,” claiming that inner strength will enable a person to stand strong, regardless of what others may think or say about them. “I am invincible” is repeated several times throughout the song to emphasize that when one has complete confidence in themselves, they are essentially unbreakable.

The music video for “I Am Invincible” conveys the message that along with confidence and perseverance, anyone can use a negative experience as motivation to begin an amazing challenge. In the video a female character is show, first as a young girl, and then a teenage girl, encountering cruel and thoughtless treatment. At the end (now a young woman played by Pope) demonstrates that the bad experiences did not deter her, and only served to make her stronger.

A September Rolling Stone article explains Pope’s motivation for creating this song and the significance behind her music video. Although Pope was never physically bullied in school (like in the video), she was disparaged for her dedication to music. She hopes “I Am Invincible” will provide motivation to young women who are experiencing similar situations. “Empowering girls is extremely important to me,” said Pope. “Growing up, I needed those empowering women to show me the way.” In an interview with Seventeen magazine Pope explained some of the thought that went into the video. “It was important for me to have young actors, because those are the most influential years. Those scenes really show how hard life can be, but that you have to keep building,” said Pope.

“I Am Invincible” has the potential to inspire anyone. The song’s up-tempo music combined with its inspirational lyrics can help lift the spirits of anyone on a bad or unproductive day. It’s definitely worth listening to and watching the video.