Rixton Releases Their Debut Album “Let the Road”

The wait is over

Allison Dennehy, Staff Writer

After months of anticipation, Rixton’s first album, “Let the Road,” exceeds fan’s expectations. The track “Me and My Broken Heart” is an old favorite and was Rixton’s first single to put them on the map here in the U.S. Despite the band releasing many of the tracks prior to dropping the full album, they packed in all the little things their fans love. From the harmonies that start the album in the title track (“Let the Road”), to the laid back acoustic sound of “I Like the Girls,” all of the songs pleased those who love them. This energetic band surprised some with a few of their more serious, slower tracks like “Whole” and “Beautiful Excuses.” The band previously released an EP entitled “Me and My Broken Heart (Remixes).” One track, the “Pnau Remix,” was added to the album as the final track to wrap everything up with a modern electronic music piece, something that sounds like nothing the band has ever put together before.

The band has also been spending some time on music videos. Their most recent video, published on May 12, was to the song, “We All Want the Same Thing.” The video has the boys (Lewi, Jake, Charley, and Danny) on the set of the popular TV show “Soul Train,” that aired for 35 years starting back in 1971. Jake Roche was at a loss for words on the release date of the video and tweeted about the new release saying, “Can’t describe it, just watch.” The fans went crazy for the new video, and it had nearly 200,000 views in just one week.

The band is currently touring with Ariana Grande on her Honeymoon Tour in Europe. Then they will be touring in the U.S. and Canada with Ed Sheeran in June and July.  Sheeran actually co-wrote the band’s hit single “Hotel Ceiling.” When speaking with MTV’s Christina Garibaldi earlier in the year about choosing their next single Jake Roche (lead vocalist rhythmic guitarist) said “We wanted to show a bit more mature side to our music and obviously Ed, we co-wrote with Ed, who we are huge fans of and he’s just incredible and it just made, kind of suited the whole vibe of the album…” The band has been working nonstop since the release of “Let the Road” on March 3, 2015 and show no signs of slowing down.