Discovering The Vamps

British Pop band delivers upbeat rhythms

Katelyn LaRosa, Contributor

One could argue that in the world of music, YouTube has become the gateway to success. This claim proves to be true for the Vamps, a British pop band that got an early start to their music career. “We’re all songwriters and musicians who have played our instruments for eight years or more,” said singer Brad Simpson on their Island Records bio page.

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In addition to Simpson (lead vocals and guitar), this very talented group consists of James McVey (lead guitar and vocals), Connor Ball (bass guitar and vocals) and Tristan Evans (drums and vocals). The Vamps started to get noticed by uploading cover songs onto YouTube, in 2012. By November of 2012, the band was signed to Mercury Records.

The Vamps released their first U.S. album, “Meet the Vamps,” with Island Records, in April of last year. One of their songs, “Oh Cecilia”, also known as “Breaking My Heart,” features Shawn Mendes. Mendes became popular through social media as well, in particular via the popular app, Vine. The music itself has a summer feel to it, with its upbeat and happy rhythm. The video shows the band members playing on a tropical beach with a group of girls. And, the song is about a boy who really misses a girl,  but unlike the common love song, she is just not interested.  As for the boy, he would bend over backwards for her.

The rhythm is really catchy, and would make one want to sing along instantly.

— Katelyn LaRosa

Another one of the Vamps’ hits is “Somebody To You,” featuring Demi Lovato.  The music video shows the boys hanging out on the beach as a group of girls walk by and catches their eye. The rhythm is really catchy, and would make one want to sing along instantly. It’s focused on the point that he doesn’t care if he’s rich, all he wants is to be noticed by that special girl. Demi Lovato’s solo adds an exceptional touch to the song.

Teen girls are the majority of the Vamp’s fan base, and they are often compared to other popular bands such as, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.

“The message of the Vamps is to show people that we are four young musicians who started in a garage and are now having this amazing adventure,” says Connor Ball in the Vamp’s profile for MTV. They get to follow their dreams and have the time of their lives. What could be a better outcome than that?