Artists’ Corner Feature: Mental Health Poems

The first entry for artists’ corner is a collection of poems


Amaya Turner

Mental Health is a growing concern for post-pandemic teens

Brenna Hewitt, Staff Writer

Mental Health Awareness Week was celebrated from Oct 2, 2022 to Oct 8, 2022 this year. In honor of breaking down stigma and continuing discussions surrounding mental health, sophomore Brenna Hewitt was inspired to write some short poems.


Tick Tick Tick slowly the roller coaster went up, it’s as if time had slowed so slow it wasn’t even there. Just as the blanket of peace was about to settle, down went the cart. Twisting and turning so furiously nothing else mattered except making it through to the end. As the ride came to an aggressive stop, everyone got off like nothing had happened. But there you sit still trying to breathe.


Dark too dark, not the light but the insides. Numb as if medicated, but the medications don’t always work. Happy, but not, it’s fake, just like your friends? No that’s just in your head, you’re loved. But by everyone? No stop! You’re getting lost, why do you always get lost? You’re good for nothing, that’s not true.

Social anxiety-

You walk in too soon you think, but maybe too late. You don’t know, you never know. You stand there in the room full of monsters, but are they really? To you they are but to others they’re people. Everyone else makes it look so easy. But speaking up is like giving up an organ for a loved one. You want to do it but don’t know if you can. You’re afraid but end up doing it anyway. When it’s over a piece of you is missing. The other is happy but now you have an empty space in you.

Anorexia –

100 that’s not too much you think its only calories. But calories lead to weight gain. Maybe if you only eat half, it won’t be too bad. But you’re hungry. No, you’ll just eat ice chips, trick your mind. Your stomach is burning, your hair thinning. When people ask you if you’re hungry it’s always the same answer, “oh no thank you I just ate”. But you didn’t eat, you never do.





National Eating Disorder Helpine: (800) 931-2237

National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline (800)-950-NAMI (6264)