Are Masks the New Normal?

The typical high school day is no longer typical


Kurtis Lucas-Summer, with permission

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students at Abington High School take a mask break outside every period, as seen here on Monday, October 19, 2020.

Kurtis Lucas-Summers, Contributor

On Monday, Oct. 19  during 3rd period class, like every period at Abington High, students took a mask break for 10 minutes. Most kids ripped off their mask for relief of wearing it all day.

On mask breaks, groups of people are together with their masks off, but teachers tell them to either space out from each other or put their masks on. Some students at Abington High School are having trouble adapting to wearing mask. But, they try and make it work. 

I interviewed a couple of Abington students to see their response and how they like the mask policy at Abington High School.

Some do not mind. Thomas Fanara ’22 said, “I like taking a mask break because I get a break from school and doing work. I get 40 minutes out of the day to just relax and get some fresh air.”  

Others like Dasean Leggett ’22 think that because of COVID-19 and having to wear a mask, the school got worse. “I find it annoying to socially distance. And at lunch, I don’t like the assigned seats because I don’t like being away from my friends and sitting by myself and not talking,” Leggett said. 

Some students wonder when school will be going back to normal or if this is the new normal. I think it’s the start to a new beginning.