One Nurse’s Perspective: Coronavirus Front Line

1st hand account of a hospital during COVID-19


Jenna Clifford, with permission

Charlotte North Caroline Labor and Delivery nurse Jenna Clifford, older sister to AHS junior Jack Clifford, gives an interview on how life has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and asks everyone to social distance in order to keep others safe.

Jack Clifford, Staff writer

By Dec. of 2019, it became clear that there was a new coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China. This virus, also called COVID-19, has spread across the world.

This disease has made people leave their work, caused schools to shut down, stop visiting with other people, or stop going out to different places. It has also sent some people to staying in their living place, because a simple touch by someone with coronavirus of someone else’s body could lead to that person being infected with the coronavirus.

The government has advised people to stay six feet apart from each other. Massachusetts Governor Baker has issued guidelines asking that if people have to go out they wear a face mask or face covering. Baker is also suggesting people were gloves for extra protection and wash your hands to keep away the germs and prevent it from spreading.

Being anxious and antsy is normal.

— Nurse Jenna Clifford

Many people are on the front lines of this pandemic. Jenna Clifford is a Labor and Delivery Nurse at a hospital in North Carolina. She has been a nurse for seven years now and she is working through this virus. She wants everyone to take this pandemic seriously.

In a recent interview, Nurse Clifford said she has never been through or thought she was going to have to go through such a serious pandemic. This is an overview of the transcript.

Jack Clifford:What is it like being a nurse during this time of such a serious virus?

Nurse Jenna Clifford: It’s hard, It’s hard to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m getting very anxious and I’m sure everyone else is too. But if we keep following the rules then we will get there.

JC: What are some of the protocols?

Nurse Clifford: I can say everyday is different. I have different protocols and rules I have to follow and it’s a lot.We have to wear a mask and head protector to protect our hair. We can’t wear makeup or anything that could get on the mask because they take it and clean it and then give it back the next day.

JC: What is some advice to give to everyone?

Nurse Clifford: Being anxious and antsy is normal. Just try to follow the protocols the government is giving us and my challenge to everyone is to stay creative when you contact friends and family. I wish I could see all my friends and family, but I can’t. So, stay optimistic and stay hopeful because we will be good people on the other side.

Make sure you give a virtual hug to anyone in the healthcare industry and your teachers because they are all working hard to try to produce for you, and just be thankful of the people around you. Stay positive. Thank you everyone that is abiding by the rules.

[Nurse Jenna Clifford is Green Wave Gazette reporter Jack Clifford’s older sister]