Being a Student During a Pandemic

Finding something creative to do during the COVID-19 shutdown


John Polito (archived photo)

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, learning continues to take place at home in the Abington school district. Students at the high school have school-issued laptops and online Canvas classrooms. Some students are also writing to document this period of American history.

The Abington Public Schools have been closed dating back to Friday, Mar. 13 due to the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19.

Nearly a month into social distancing, I have constant feelings of uncertainty, boredom, and anxiousness. I have learned that a person can find light in all of this and make what they can out of it. This time alone can lead to self-reflection and maybe newfound creativity. And being creative and innovative during these tough times is very important.

Having to stay at home means I especially am going to miss baseball, as it seems uncertain whether or not we will have spring sports. These times are difficult and uncertain, but we have to be aware of the severity of the virus and stay home. The more aware we are, the faster things will go back to the way they were.

This whole process has taught me to not take things for granted. And that keeping a positive mind set is important, because getting all stressed out is not going to help speed this process up.

While at home I wrote a poem about what it feels like to be quarantined. I have learned to find light in all of this and make what I can out of it.  

The Quarantine Blues

I sit here each day with feelings of uncertainty, boredom and despair. 

I realize now more than ever nothing in this life should be taken for granted. 

Each day feels like Deja vu all over again. 

The silence is almost unbearable. 

I miss my friends and being able to do the things I enjoy. 

The feeling of anxiousness kicks in and it is driving me nuts. 

I realize it could be worse as all my loved ones are happy and healthy. 

Being home alone every day draws out feelings of loneliness. 

I sit in silence as a million thoughts race through my head but there is nobody to share them with. 

We will get through these hardships together in spirit but separate physically for our own good. 

The future is uncertain. 

Hold onto positive thoughts. 

Fight off negative thoughts. 

Hope for brighter days to come. 

Fight the Quarantine Blues