AHS Rocks Their Socks

Support for World Down Syndrome Day 2020

The Green Wave Cheerleaders always represent and on Saturday, March 21, 2020 the team’s collage #athometogether cheers on World Down Sydrome Day at Abington High School.

Elizabeth Roy, Staff Writer


World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is celebrated on March 21 The numbers 3 and 21 are significant because they symbolize the trisomy, or triplication, of the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.

To support those with Down Syndrome, the world is called to “Rock Your Socks” and wear unique socks. Wearing these unique socks emphasizes the topics of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of those who are different.  

Abington High School participated in WDSD despite not being in school. The school has been shut down for ten days, or six school days (the last day was Thursday, March 12), because the state is taking precautions against the spread of the corona virus.

Since the high school was closed due to the COVID 19, Abington High School’s Twitter was used as a way to encourage students and staff to wear their unique socks. Everyone was encouraged to Tweet a picture of their socks to show some positivity during this time that they were all away from school. The hashtags #rockyoursocks and #togetherathome were used for the event.

About two dozen staff and students replied to the Tweet showing off, or “rocking,” their socks. Some staff included their pets and other family members in their picture. The AHS Cheer team set up a collage of some of their teammates who were wearing their unique socks and the Athletic Department pitched in too.  Many teachers and staff, like athletic trainer Ms. Reid, school psychologist Mrs. Posk, math teacher Ms. Wakelin, English teacher Dr. Gonsalves, paraprofessional Miss Mullen, and more, wore their socks around their house, as seen in the pictures on Twitter. They supported those with Down Syndrome, such as an Abington High School senior Gretchen Wronski.

Wronski participates in so many things at Abington High School, such as being a member of the Abington High School’s Track and Field Team where she is a sprinter and throws javelin. She also volunteers in the Abington High and Middle School library. 

Seeing all of the staff and students come together to support World Down Syndrome Day in a time away from school really shows the character at Abington High.