Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Wakelin Joins the Math Department

Abington High School welcomes a former student as an instructor


Emily Christian

Abington High School welcomes Ms. Bridget Wakelin to the math department for the 2019-2020 school year. Ms. Wakelin attended AHS, Fairfield U, and UMASS, Boston and is currently a math instructor.

Emily Christian, Contributor

Ms. Bridget Wakelin is the new math teacher at Abington High School, teaching students Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Trigonometry.

An Abington alumna, Ms. Wakelin attended AHS from 2007-2011. She then attended Fairfield University where she studied mathematics and secondary education. After Fairfield U, she went to UMASS, Amherst for her Masters in Secondary Education.

I played sports, was a part of different clubs, and loved every minute of it.

— Ms. Bridget Wakelin

Before she began teaching this fall at Abington, Wakelin taught math at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston. She remembered it with enthusiasm. “That was my first real teaching job and I loved every second of it!” she said.

Ms. Wakelin gets excited when talking about teaching. She said that her favorite part of teaching is “getting to know so many different students, learning about their lives and them mine.” One of the benefits of a small school is that students and teachers get to know each other a bit.

Looking back on her time as a student at AHS, Wakelin said, “Abington will always hold a special place in my heart.” As a student, she was an involved in extracurricular activities.“I played sports, was a part of different clubs, and loved every minute of it,” Wakelin said.

Besides spending time at Abington teaching, Ms. Wakelin enjoys working out, being with her family and friends, shopping, and traveling.

Ms. Wakelin shared a story about what made her want to become a math teacher, “Growing up, I had always loved math. It was something that came very naturally to me,” she said. Her desire to pursue math in her future stemmed from her math teachers in middle school and high school. Ms. Wakelin said, “In 8th grade, I had a very challenging Algebra 1 Honors teacher that initially terrified me but allowed me to fall in love with math even more. When I entered high school, I had so many wonderful teachers that convinced me I needed to be one.”

Be sure to stop by her room 1216, located in the math wing, if you have any questions for Ms. Wakelin. Her door is always open.