College Review: Curry

Founded in 1879, Curry Has Stood the Test of Time


Curry College’s athletic teams are known as the Colonels. The school’s colors are purple and white, as shown in this pennant and T-shirt with Curry College’s insignia.

Many people have hard time deciding where they want to go to college. Some people want to go to a private school, while others do not. Some people may want to go to a prestigious university. Some people may want to go to a school and live in a dorm, and others may want to go to a commuter school. No matter what kind of school you want to go to, there is no denying that there are many options. It can get a bit confusing. 

Curry College is a private co-ed college in Milton. The college is about 31 minutes out of Abington, and only 7 miles from downtown Boston. The campus is suburban and very beautiful. The academic buildings are spread out, making the campus look bigger. The campus bookstore is very big and sells a lot of Curry College clothing. They also sell food, school supplies, and personal items for students who live on campus 

The dorms for freshmen are not very big. However, there is still enough room for two people. Before incoming students meet their roommate, they fill out a survey detailing study habits and sleeping habits. After they fill out the survey, their roommate is chosen for them 

When moving in, students are allowed to bring certain things with them for their dorm. As for cars, freshmeare not allowed to have a car on campus. 

One thing that is certain on campus is attention to safety. There are 45 emergency phones on campus. There is also a public safety staff. Student safety is something that Curry takes very seriously. 

The class sizes are small: 12 to 1. This ensures that professors have time to work with each student individually.  

My planned major is Early Education and Care. While visiting, I got to listen to some students and staff discuss the education majors; Curry College is very good for anyone who wants a career in education. They are also known for their strong emphasis in communications programs.

Curry has a diverse range of clubs and activities. For instance, there is Book Club, Education Club, Curraoke Club (who clearly has a sense of humor), Photography Club, Equestrian Club, and more. It seems like there is something for everyone. Joining a club would help students find someone with interests similar to theirs. 

Overall, Curry is a great school with a beautiful campus and friendly staff. I would highly recommend Curry to anyone looking into a private college with less than 2,500 students.