UCONN Review

One student’s impression of the university and all it has to offer


Kayden Lynch

AHS junior Kayden Lynch recently toured UCONN as a prospective student

Kayden Lynch, Senior Staff Writer

Whether you’ve heard about the University of Connecticut because of its Division 1 sports teams or its amazing academics, you most likely associate it with excellence. I recently toured the infamous college, and I was blown away by every aspect of it. Hopefully some of this information can help students interested in UConn.  

The University of Connecticut, located in the scenic town of Storrs, is home to around 27,000 students. UConn ranks among the top 25 public universities in the nation. UConn also has four regional campuses: Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury. The university offers over 115 majors and 120 minors, ranging from Exercise to Theatre Management. 

The University of Connecticut’s campus is so big that it has their own zip code- 06269. Seeing as the campus is so large, UConn isn’t made for everyone, however, students who do attend still get to receive that one-on- one teacher interaction. The university has a 16:1 student faculty ratio and offers office hours where students can stop by their professor’s classroom to ask any questions. UConn also offers many more opportunities to get extra help as well as facilities dedicated to certain subjects, and their library accommodates people who want a completely silent study and people who study collaboratively. 

With more than 700 clubs and organizations to take part of, students will always have something to keep them busy.

— Kayden Lynch

UConn offers a variety of living space for its students, from dorms with communal bathrooms to living suites with kitchens and private bathrooms. Freshman are required to live on campus in a dorm with a roommate, and as students move up in seniority their housing options become more diverse. Students chose their housing based on two criteria: one being your seniority level, and the second being the number of credits you have. For example, a senior with one of the highest amounts of credits within their class will get to pick their housing first. UConn also is home to eight different dining halls, each serving a different style of food and accommodating to every type of diet.  

Despite being located in a small town, the University of Connecticut has plenty to do within campus. With more than 700 clubs and organizations to take part of, students will always have something to keep them busy. UConn also hosts many activities that not only keep students busy but also brings the Husky community together. Events including One Ton Sundae, Oozeball, Huskython, and many more are held on the UConn campus.  

UConn is also notorious for its Division 1 Athletics. The students like to refer to their university as the “Basketball Capitol of the Country”. Another perk about going to UConn is that students get into any Husky athletics game for free- all they have to do is swipe their ID. UConn’s athletics are a huge part of student life as well as Husky culture.  

Speaking of Husky culture, UConn is big on diversity and inclusion. They implement inclusion in everything they do, and also have six different cultural centers on campus- African American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, Middle Eastern Cultural Program, Native American Cultural Programs, Puerto Rican/ Latin American Cultural Center, the Rainbow Center, and the Women’s Center.  

Whether or not UConn is the right fit for you depends on personal preference. The University of Connecticut is definitely a good fit for someone that is very sociable and enjoys being in large groups/ crowds of people (due to its’ population of about 27,000 students). Students who are interested in sporting events, group activities, and are eager to learn are good fits for the University of Connecticut. There is always something going on at UConn, so whether you choose to go there for the academics, sports, or social aspect, you won’t regret it! 

This is only one sliver of all that the University of Connecticut has to offer. To check out more visit https://studentactivities.uconn.edu/ and https://admissions.uconn.edu/campus-life/diversity/