A Trip to Bryant University

A College Review


Dylan Porter

The entrance to Bryant University in Smithfield, R.I. is right off the highway.

Dylan Porter, Contributor

Bryant University is located in rural Smithfield, R.I, about an hour away from Abington.

Bryant has a small but beautiful campus that is a mix of old and modern buildings styles. They have a new building called the academic innovation center which is a cylindric building with one large room in the middle and many smaller breakout rooms on the outside of the bottom, as well as bigger seminar type classrooms on the 2nd floor.

The campus is grassy with a pond in the middle called Bryant Pond. One really interesting thing that I was told was that there is an arch in the middle of campus that you cannot walk through until you graduate.

The majority of students live on campus. The dorms are of average size and have the traditional two person rooms with a limited amount of space, normal to most colleges. The dorms are split up by grade and there are common areas in each dorm for students to hang out.

My tour guide’s name was Lucas, a junior majoring in Marketing. He said that Bryant is a fun place and a very welcoming to be because there are constantly things going on from many clubs and intermural sports, to concerts and academic contests.

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Be prepared to have to work hard because it is a competitive school.

— Dylan Porter

The classes are on the smaller side, due to them being a small private school with an enrollment of about 3,200 students. The most students in a class at once is 30 and the least is downwards of 15.

The school also has a lot of options for studying abroad, ranging all across Europe and also in Australia.

Bryant is worth looking at if you plan to study business in college. It is mainly known for its exceptional business programs, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and international business.

Be prepared to have to work hard because it is a competitive school. It would not be a good fit for people who are laidback. The school requires you to be actively leaning all four years.

They have a great career center called the Amica Insurance Center for Career Education that helps kids get internships and jobs.

Overall, I thought Bryant University was a very great school, with a lot of good majors to choose from. It is close enough to Abington where you do not feel too far away, but far enough where you don’t feel at home.