Spotlight on Linda Daye, an Abington High School Senior

For the love of writing


Linda Daye, personal photo

Abington seniors Linda Daye (left) and Michaela Kane show their Green Wave pride on November 27, 2019.

Vincent Kariuki, Contributor

Linda Daye is an Abington High School senior who has written many articles for the “Green Wave Gazette” in her time at the school. As she prepares to leave high school and start a new journey, Daye reminisced on her many memories at AHS.

Daye never tried writing or took it seriously in her time in middle school. But she is a hard-working individual and wanted to be “recognized in a big way” for her work. It was only when she became a freshman at AHS that she took her writing seriously. Daye said, “I had little to no experience with writing, all I knew was that I loved it.”

When asked how AHS has guided and supported her during her high school career, Daye said, “AHS supported and guided my goals, throughout my senior year especially.” Daye always had intentions of joining clubs like the “Green Wave Gazette,” but she was “extremely scared of having her voice heard.” But that changed. Daye said, “Through Ms. Pflaumer’s class this year, I have learned to just embrace the fact that I have a voice.” Daye has felt “honored” to been published as many times as she has.

When asked about her thoughts and feelings on leaving AHS and starting a new life after high school, Daye said leaving Abington “is very bittersweet. I can see all of the work everyone and myself have accomplished, and how that has paid off by where everyone’s life is leading them.” She believes “it will be a different experience to not be surrounded by the people I have known since elementary school.”

This is a feeling that many other graduating seniors can agree with. Daye finds it “sad to be leaving all the teachers that have supported me along the journey.”

Through Ms. Pflaumer’s class this year I have learned to just embrace the fact that I have a voice.

— Linda Daye

When asked what her goals were for her next journey, Daye said, “I did not have many goals growing up because I didn’t know what things I would potentially be good at.” But now as she prepares to start a new life after high school, Daye feels a “mix of every emotion when it comes to starting a new life.” She said, “I am hopeful for my future at Framingham State and the friends and environment that I’ll be in.” She is especially excited to see what work she will possibly come up with in the future.

Being a Caribbean-American student, Daye said, “I know that Framingham has a club that is comprised of students that come from Caribbean ancestry, so just being around people that are like me will definitely be something that I am more than excited for.”