Serving Snacks, Smiles, & Sandwiches

The Green Wave Cafe: Good Food and Super Service

Seniors Maddie Contrino, Hanna Thurburg, Christina Varney, Jane Clark, Criselda Burke, Kristyanna Remillard, Haley Holmes, Baby Holmes, and Ashley Polito

Jane Clark, Contributor

The Green Wave Cafe is run by students in Abington High School’s Co-op Program. The Cafe is open every day during periods one and seven for anyone who wants to come down. Eddie Holmes, a student in the program, recently was featured in a Twitter video , advertising the Cafe.

AHS students can work as interns with this program.  They can talk to their guidance counselor if interested; however, a recommendation may be needed.

I have been a student intern for three years. This year as a senior I am in the Green Wave Cafe seventh period every day.  I assist the students with the cash register and making food.

During my junior year I was there for Food Service. In the Food Service class you work alongside the kids to help prep and cook staff lunches. Thanks to the new building, the space is big enough for a whole class to spread out into groups for closer student interactions.

Mrs. Keohane, with permission
Abington High School Peer Interns in the Co-op program for the second semester 2018-2019 school year.

Sophomore year, while still at the old school, I interned in the Green Wave Cafe first period for the Breakfast Program. I would cook alongside them making smoothies, bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Students could come place an order and have it delivered to their classroom if the teacher allowed them to do so. The kids enjoyed doing so because they could step out of the kitchen and go interact with their teachers and peers they normally don’t see on a daily basis. 

Mrs. Keohane and Mrs. Balasco run the co-op program. Mrs. Keohane has been here for 23 years and Mrs. Balasco started in the Middle School, but transferred to work alongside Mrs. Keohane in the High School 14 years ago. Both teachers and the student interns are extremely accommodating to their customers. The Cafe has a variety of breakfast foods and drinks in the morning, such as smoothies and breakfast sandwiches, and during period seven, a bucket of snacks and a daily special. Two of the student favorites are the strawberry banana smoothies and banana bread.

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Students who come down to the Green Wave Cafe with their classes appreciate the change of scenery too.

— Jane Clark

Teachers love bringing their classes or studies to the Green Wave Cafe. AHS Math teacher Mr. Holzman said he felt students are more relaxed and their anxiety lessens when they come in, especially since it is a math class. He gives out worksheets and he will normally come down after learning a lesson to practice and interact. He also enjoys the snacks.

Students who come down to the Green Wave Cafe with their classes appreciate the change of scenery too. Junior Johnny Hawkesworth said he enjoys coming to the Green Wave Cafe because “it’s more energetic and upbeat than sitting in a normal study.”

The benefit of classes coming down to the Green Wave Cafe is that the students working there love to have customers. When teachers bring their classes it gives the co-op students more interactions with their peers. They get to learn how to do real work around someone who isn’t going to yell at them. Going to the Cafe adds balance to a students day because they learn patience with the co op kids and the co op kids learn how to make relationships with them.

There are several co-op students who work in the Cafe, including Declan Burns, Chris Hagerty, Amy Nguyen, Gretchen Wronski, Dylan Spring, Kim Oberlander, Eddie Holmes and Mary Cartier. When asked their favorite part of working in the Cafe, both Nguyen and Hagerty said, “Being a cashier,” while Cartier and Burns said they liked “hanging with the students who come in.” Wronski said she enjoys cooking side by side with her friends.

If teachers are interested in booking the Cafe for class time, they should contact Mrs. Balasco or Mrs. Keohane. Those who have frequented the Green Wave Cafe know both teachers’ reply will be “we’d be more than happy to have you.”