A Win for Nineteen Abington Athletes

South Shore League All-Star Athletes Announced

Many of Abington’s student-athletes have frequented the state of the art weight room, part of the town’s $96.5 million school project completed in 2017.

Emily Coulsey, Staff Writer

Nineteen student-athletes from Abington High School  were nominated as South Shore League (SSL) All Stars for the fall season. Athletic Director Pete Serino explains that “each athlete is nominated based on their individual performances standing out amongst their peers.” The athletes are nominated and voted on by coaches throughout the League, although the selection process may vary throughout each sport.

Some characteristics that coaches look for are in an All-Star athlete are a good attitude, effort, respectfulness, and skills on the field.

When asked what separates Abington teams apart from other teams, Serino responded by explaining that it is our athletes’ “commitment and dedication to not just winning, but the process of improving and doing so in a respectful manner.”

He added that our student athletes “understand that success is not just handed to them, and it requires dedication and sacrifice for them to achieve their goals.  The SSL All Stars exemplify that spirit and dedication.” 

Over a dozen Abington High School student-athletes were acknowledged as All Stars:

Girls Soccer:

  • Maddie Grafton, ’19
  • Maddie O’Connell, ’19
  • Isabella O’Connell, ’21
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Our game staff, fans and facilities staff help to create a welcoming and fun environment, all of which contribute.

— Mr. Serino, Athletic Director

Boys Soccer:

  • Bobby Molloy, ’20


  • Emma Coe, ’19
  • Shannon Snyder, ’19
  • Emily Morrell, ’19
  • Carolyn Doherty, ’21
  • Emmalee Ezzell, ’20


  • Mike Broomstein, ’19
  • Christian Labossier, ’19
  • Will Klein, 20
  • Gabe Spry, ’20
  • Sean Landers, ’20


  • Colin McDonald, ’20


  • Corin Mahan, ’20

Cross Country:

  • Brice Tolan, ’19
  • Cam Curney, ’20
  • Jackie Earner, ’22

Additionally, Abington’s volleyball coach Judy Hamilton was nominated as a SSL Volleyball Coach of the year. Serino says that “Judy Hamilton was selected as the Coach of the Year by her fellow coaches in the SSL.  As a second year program, the team continued to grow and improve on the court under her leadership.” This was Coach Hamilton’s first year as a varsity coach for Abington volleyball, making this an impressive accomplishment!

Finally, the Girls Soccer Team, Boy’s Soccer Team, Football Team, and Volleyball Team all earned the SSL Sportsmanship Award. The teams earned the award by consistently being polite and respectful on and off the field. Serino added that “our game staff, fans and facilities staff help to create a welcoming and fun environment, all of which contribute.”

Congratulations to our SSL All-Star athletes, SSL Sportsmanship teams, and our SSL coach on the success of the past fall season.