Junior Class Raises Money at Auction

The Junior Class Held an Annual Auction to Help with Prom and Senior Year Expenses

Daisy Littlefield and Trinity O’Connor, members of the class of 2020, with Justin Maskell, member of the class of 2019, helping out at the Junior Class auction.

Abby Joyce, Public Relations Manager


On Nov. 30, the Abington High School Junior Class held their annual auction in the co-located Middle School cafeteria, where they raffled off many different items to help lower the cost of prom tickets as well as senior activities.

Mrs. Peck also said that the auction was less of a live auction and was more of a silent one, where some fun bidding activities took place.

One activity that took place was a 50/50 raffle, but they did it by playing Heads or Tails, where the winner would receive the prize. Also, there was a “blind date with a book” activity, where participants would donate a book, wrap it in plain brown paper and write one descriptive word on it, such as “quick read,” or “funny.” People would make their selection and be surprised by the book they unwrapped.

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Mrs. Peck and I totally wanted to change things up and do something totally different.

— Mrs. O'Donnell

Some of the items that were donated by parents and businesses and auctioned off were Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics tickets, a grill, a hotel stay in Boston, numerous gift cards, and a free tuxedo rental. In addition, many different baskets were auctioned off as well as different services like spa treatments. In total, the junior class made $10,500.

Mrs. Peck and Mrs. O’Donnell, the Junior Class advisers, organized this event. When asked about the turnout of the event, Mrs. Peck said that she and Mrs. O’Donnell changed the venue from last year and added, “By having the auction in the cafeteria, we were able to serve light appetizers and drinks which I believed made it a more social atmosphere.”

They both agreed the auction went “very well.”

“Mrs. Peck and I totally wanted to change things up and do something totally different,” Mrs. O’Donnell said. “I think it was really successful.”

When talking about the members of the Junior Class that came and helped, Mrs. O’Donnell said, “It truly shows how much they care and how cohesive they have become as a class. That makes me proud.”

Daisy Littlefield, Junior Class President, thought the event went well because of “the help of the parents, our advisers and the students.” She is also thankful for “not just our class but the school for giving us this opportunity.”

Congrats to the Junior Class, Mrs. Peck, and Mrs. O’Donnell for this event and its successes!