Want to see Beyonce? Or Ed Sheeran?

May-hem Raffle Calendars Being Sold by the Freshman Class


Ms. Reardon

Officers Jack Clifford, Carly Mentis, Lyla Blanchard, and Brendan Remillard are busy raising money for their class

Abby Joyce, Staff Writer

Do you want to win a gift card to your favorite restaurant? Or tickets to a Red Sox game or a Beyonce or Ed Sheeran concert? Well, buy a “May-hem” calendar and you could win these prizes and many more!

The freshman class is selling these May raffle calendars at lunch until May 1. Or see their class officer, Ms. Reardon.

One calendar costs $10, or buy 3 for $20, 5 for $30, or 10 for $50.

Money raised defers the cost of future events, including prom, yearbook, and senior reception.

Follow the freshman class Twitter account @HeyAHS2021, where all prize winners will be announced beginning May 1st! All prizes will be mailed to the winners.

These calendars can be sold to anyone, anywhere, so don’t hesitate to buy a May-hem calendar to help the freshman class!