X Marks Extreme Talent

Xavier Curney breaks hurdle records for Abington High

Elizabeth Roy, Staff Writer

Xavier Curney, a member of the Class of 2018, has made a great impact on the Boys Track team. Especially this year. Curney set two school records in hurdles. He broke Nick Fisher’s (2004) record in the 110M hurdles, running a 15.1 (Nick ran 15.5). And Curney broke Matt Imrie’s (2011) record in the 400M hurdles, running a 59.1 (Matt ran 59.7).

Curney broke both records on May 7 against Norwell and Carver. He broke both of these records within 15 minutes of each other!

On Saturday May 26, Curney traveled with teammates Brice Tolan, Katie Marando, Aleena Magnasco, and Elizabeth Roy. The team traveled to the MIAA EMass Division IV Outdoor Track and Field Championship in Ipswich. To attend this meet, the athletes had to qualify. Curney placed 5th overall with a time of 15.68 in the prelims and a time of 15.83 in the finals.

Being a part of this competition of elite athletes “is so invigorating to know multiple people are running the same times or faster times than you, because that pushes me so much,” Curney said.

Curney’s goal for this season was to “break the school 110 meter hurdle record and everything beyond that was exciting.” When asked about his preparation, Curney said, “ I practiced [hurdles] throughout each year, but it became a big focus in my senior year.” Jumping hurdles, which are frames that runners must jump over, are unlike a usual jump; it requires technique and agility.

Curney credits his coaches Mr. Michael Caseley and Mr. Brian Lanner for his success. Curney said that,”Without my coaches helping to correct the mistakes in my form and giving me tips on how to pace myself throughout the race, I would not have had the season I had.”

As he leaves Abington High School with his name in the record books, Curney also leaves a bit of advice. He wants everyone to know that, “If you are reading this as a student, go and try for track. It is a great experience and I 100% recommend it.”

Aside from his talent in track and field, Curney is a member of the National Honor Society. He will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) for electrical and computer engineering in the fall.

[The reporter is also a member of the Track and Field team]