Scoring Goals and Breaking Records

McCabe leads in lacrosse.


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Courtney McCabe ’18 scores her 200th career goal.

Allison MacLeod, Associate Editor

For Courtney McCabe ‘18, it has been a whirlwind month on the lacrosse field.

On May 2 McCabe, who is co-captain of the Abington Girls’ Lacrosse team, celebrated her 200th career goal, but by May 10 she had already moved on to the next milestone.

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It felt amazing to break the record.

— Courtney McCabe

In a game against Rockland, McCabe broke the school record to become the Abington Girls’ Lacrosse all-time leading scorer. Maggie Cawley ‘17 held the previous record of 205 career goals. By the end of the game, McCabe had amassed 210 goals and continues to add to that total.

When McCabe joined the lacrosse team freshman year, it was her first time playing the sport. Now, she loves everything about lacrosse, particularly the pace of the game. “It felt amazing to break the record,” McCabe says. “I would not have guessed it would have been me.”

In the fall, McCabe will be attending Keene State College, where she is excited to try out for the lacrosse team.