“Catch a Body” Catches Your Attention

New song by LIVVIA featuring rapper Quavo

Jason Dole, Contributor

“Be fearless; break rules; don’t be afraid to go your own way.” To renowned pop artist LIVVIA, “that’s what being an artist means.”  The 23-year-old artist has recently come out with a new single that is sure to be the song on everybody’s playlists. Her new pop banger, “Catch a Body,” released in early 2018, features rap mega star Quavo, a member of one of today’s biggest rap groups–Migos.

This new hit is sure to be a summer anthem with its upbeat tone and ridiculously catchy chorus “Hold a body, catch a body/’Cause you look so good, it’s killing me, killing me” is the refrain. For an up and coming artist, it is impressive to see the success that “Catch a Body” has had in the charts, as well as the music video, which has over 1.3 million views after only three months. 

LIVVIA has been involved with her solo music career since she was 13 years old, traveling back and forth to LA and even touring internationally with big names like Jessie J, as well as the Jonas Brothers. The singer states that for as long as she can remember, she has been “singing, writing songs, dancing, and playing the guitar.”

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I never felt like I fit in, I knew I could be a voice for people who feel the same.


But apart from being a musical maven, LIVVIA also pursued higher education as she completed her final requirements for her degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley this May. 

Along with her studies, LIVVIA has spent a lot of her time in the studio with her songwriting team, Rock Mafia, prepping for her 2018 EP. When asked about her songwriting team, LIVVIA says, “They were the first people who really asked me what I wanted to do – and really listened to my answers… We have a lot of chemistry and I know that we’ve created magic together.”  

LIVVIA’s music not only displays the typical perfect pop sound, but it also reflects many parts of herself. She says, “It wasn’t until I gave myself the freedom and space to just be me that I started to create music that felt like an authentic reflection of who I really am. When you’re being true to yourself, no one can tell you that you’re broken, and no one should try to fix you.”  

LIVVIA’s message is of acceptance and self love. Confident in her own skin and displaying her fashionable originality through a distinctive sporty-chic personal style, LIVVIA embraces who she is as a young woman and artist. As her music and lyrics continue to evolve, her motivation has been and always will be the same: to inspire and empower people to be who they are. She says, “I never felt like I fit in, I knew I could be a voice for people who feel the same.” 

As her music career continues, the future looks promising. With her EP dropping in the next few months and with a newly acquired degree in economics, 2018 is going to be an exciting year for the artist.