The Lively Show of Art

Abington Students Show Off Their Talents


Erielle Amboy

Daisy Littlefield in front of one of her drawings

Erielle Amboy, Photo Journalist

Youth Art Month is celebrated in March. To showcase the work of Abington Public School students, a ceremony took place on Thursday March 29 at the Abington Public Library from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Many beautiful and creative works of art were displayed in the Copeland Meeting Room, including a digital display of the new edition of the Student Art Magazine (SAM). Also, colorful artworks like sculptures were displayed in cases near the entrance and on the book shelves at the back of the library. The elementary and middle school students’ artworks were arranged all around the room in the children books section.

Mr. DiRado, the head of the art department, said “We are fortunate that the Abington Public Library  hosts this event and allows us to take over wall space for the exhibition. I love walking around the library and seeing the artistic development on display.”

Students are also proud of the work that they create, and as art teachers we enjoy having their artwork on display.

— Mr. DiRado

The showcased artwork was vibrant and the productions were meaningful. There was a variety of subjects and unique pieces of art, varying in size, shape, and color.

Mr. Di Rado said he was “very proud of the hard work and creativity on display.” He said that “Students are also proud of the work that they create, and as art teachers we enjoy having their artwork on display.”

The overall reception was successful and well attended.  Several dozen family members, friends, and students were coming in and out of the showcase.

It was great to see that artwork produced by students in the Abington Public Schools is recognized and that so many people appreciate and support the arts and the students who are encouraged to keep on producing amazing work.