Homecoming FAQ

All of the details on the upcoming school dance


Danica Shanahan

Abington High School’s Homecoming dance will be held at Reilly Field on Friday, October 22.

Danica Shanahan, Staff Writer

With all the uncertainty about school dances throughout the last two years, it’s no wonder that students have lots of questions about the upcoming Homecoming Dance. Here is a quick PSA to answer those frequently asked questions that have been on people’s minds!


Q: Is the homecoming dance actually happening?

A: Yes, it is! The homecoming dance will be held on Friday, October 22nd from 7 to 9 pm.


Q: Where will the dance be?

A: The dance will be held outside at Reilly Field (up near the track), and there will most likely be heaters, so that we aren’t all freezing.


Q: Will we have to wear masks?

A: Since the dance is being held outside, no! Masks aren’t required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, you are welcome to.


Q: Who is on the homecoming court?

A: Students: Zoe Balewicz, Michael DeBono, Kaylie Groom, Shannon Groom, Brian Lopes, Gabby Maciel, Kaiaam Mohammed, Daniel Murtagh, Kayla Reilly, Eddie Reilly, Danika Trucchi, and Michael Van Luling are all on the homecoming court.


Q: When will the homecoming game be?

A: The Homecoming Game will be held on Thursday, October 21st. The game will be a home game against Middleborough and will start at 7pm on the field behind the Frolio.


Q: Who is chaperoning the homecoming dance?

A: Sra. Ward, Mrs. McHugh, Ms. Tomlin, Mr. Cutter, Mr. Shannon, Ms. Slayton, Mrs. Daisy, Ms. Mullen, and Mr. DiPrizio.


Q: Will Mr. DiPrizio be doing the “Cupid Shuffle”?

A: The Gazette reached out to Mr. DiPrizio for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.


Students seem to be getting excited about the homecoming dance and game. Hopefully we’ll see you there!