Masking the Cold

A light-hearted moment at school

Throughout the day, students made snowmen on their mask breaks at Abington High School on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

Owen Needle, Contributor

Ever since Abington High School has started back up again on Thur., Sept. 16, students have had to wear masks all day in school due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Knowing that wearing masks all day could be a burden, many schools encouraged teachers to give their students mask breaks.

Mask breaks are usually around five minutes long and allow students to take off their masks and get some fresh air outside. In September, students did not have to worry about the cold weather during mask breaks. But as the months went on and the weather became colder, going outside for a mask break has developed into a problem for many students.

On Thur., Jan. 28, students in Block 4 took a mask break at 1:30 P.M with other classes already out there. At the math wing entrance where students and their teachers gathered, other students who had taken mask breaks earlier had built small snowman. These snowmen brought smiles and showed that even during a pandemic it is possible to have a lighthearted, fun moment.

The temperature is predicted to be around 18 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow. We will have to see how students handle the weather.