Chronicle TV Comes to Abington

The student newspaper to be featured

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, a team from Channel 5 Chronicle TV came to Abington to interview the cohosts of The Weekly Wave, Matthew Lyons and Aaron Johnson (both seated at the table). Ramen Cromwell, Producer of Chronicle and cameraman Scott are filming for a three-part series to be aired in November on education during COVID. This is part II with a focus on High School.

Patricia Pflaumer, Advisor

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Chronicle TV came to Abington High School to interview the members of the Green Wave Gazette. After meeting with the student newspaper advisor Patricia Pflaumer for an interview, Chronicle Producer Ramen Cromwell and Channel 5 cameraman Scott interviewed and filmed the student members of the digital team: seniors Matt Lyons, Aaron Johnson, and Derek Tirrell who cohost and produce “The Weekly Wave.”

“Chronicle” will be airing a three-part show in November on education during COVID. The Green Wave Gazette will be in part II which will focus on high school.

Cromwell had reached out to Pflaumer in an email, stating that the Green Wave was chosen because “you’re part of a nationally recognized program that promotes journalism and I’m interested in how youth are telling their own stories during the pandemic.”

At the end of the Chronicle filming and interviewing, senior Derek Tirrell “flipped the script” to ask Mr. Cromwell questions about his work as a producer, as that is a field Tirrell  is interested in exploring.