The Weekly Wave: an Interview with Mrs. Casey

Season Two, Episode 2: The Community Food Packaging Event

Matthew Lyons, Aaron Johnson, and Derek Tirrell


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Mrs. Kate Casey, Health and Wellness Director in the Abington Public Schools and coach for the Girls Soccer team during Soccer Warm-ups this year.

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, Abington High students were released early. But the Weekly Wave team of junior hosts Matt Lyon and Aaron Johnson, along with Derek Tirrell, met with Abington Public School’s Health and Wellness director Mrs. Kate Casey to interview her about last Friday’s community food packaging event.

Watch the 7 minute interview to find out how many meals were prepared, how long the planning took, how many organizations volunteered, how many local food pantries benefited, and how many tons of food was moved.

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