Career Day Is Coming!

New Offering at the High School


Elizabeth Roy

One of the Career Day Posters that hangs in the hallways of Abington High School this month to advertise the Thursday, September 26, 2019 event.

Elizabeth Roy, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Sep. 26, sophomores, juniors and seniors can attend Career Day at Abington High School. About 30 community members will come to the high school to share their career experiences with the students.

From 8 AM to 10:47 AM (end of 4th period), students will be able to go to four sessions, seeing four different people and careers. 

Ms. Andrea Clifford, Mr. Rick Roberts, and Ms. Marianne Dankese are the people who are coordinating the Career Fair. All three of them felt inspired because they see a need in helping students find what they are passionate about.  Ms. Clifford “wants to help students find their passion and open their minds to new ideas and careers.”  Like Ms. Clifford, Ms. Dankese had a similar reason for bringing the Career Fair to students. She loved helping to set up Career Day because she thought it would be “a wonderful way for students to gain insight and broaden their perspective beyond classic, familiar jobs like a teacher or firefighter.”  

Careers that students will be able to learn about are dental hygienist, cosmetology, law, health professionals, trades, veterinarian, journalism, to name a few.