Open Mic Night a Success

The Art Festival Concludes with Poetry and Music


Samuel Tornato

Josh Whitman, a freshman at Abington High School, performs at Open Mic Night on May 8, 2019

Samuel Tornato, Contributor


Open Mic Night was led by Abington Middle School English teacher Mr. Regalbuto on May 8 from 6:30 to 9:00 in the school auditorium. Around 60 people showed up to listen and see a range of performances. About eighteen students and two teachers performed on stage, singing a song, reading a poem, or playing an instrument.  

While the art displays were going on in the cafeterias, those attending open mic entered the auditorium, where the lights were dim. Quiet mumbles of students and teachers having side conversations were heard, while performers set up the equipment they needed. From the stage there was a commotion to get instruments and microphones prepared for the performance. You could hear Mr. Regabulto saying “Check, check” and musicians were plugging their instruments into amps, playing chords to see how they would sound on the speakers. The overall anxious and excited energy of the room was felt by students and parents alike.

Mr. Regalbuto called up freshman Molly McLaughlin on stage as the first high school student to perform. She played the electric guitar, as well as freshman Josh Whitman who appeared as the second guitarist. Maria Wood, another freshman, performed 14 different pop tunes, such as Taylor Swift songs, using the same two notes on her ukulele. “I liked how people had enough confidence to go up in front of a crowd and perform their hidden talents. I could never be one to do that,” said Cameron Cruz, a student of Abington Middle School.

There were also a few poets. Freshmen Mason Kilmain, Tommy Fanara, Akeem Altidor, Anna Bennett, and myself all read our own unique work such as poems and vignettes to the audience. Tommy Fanara, one of the performers, said “I was pretty nervous before going on stage, but once I read my poem I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal.” 

High School tutor Mr. Dorman sang a cover song while on his acoustic guitar, and later Mr. Regalbuto would do the same with a song he wrote. 

Overall, the conclusion to the Art Festival was a success as students and teachers not only showcased their artwork, but also showcased their spoken word performances and music. Hopefully the school will bring it back next year.