You Are Important

The Anti-Bullying Club’s act of kindness

On Friday, Feb. 8, lockers at Abington High School were lined with sticky notes reminding students that they mattered

Alison Santosuosso and Abby Joyce

Today was the final day of anti-bullying week, which began on Monday, Feb. 4 with a performance of DIRT by John Morello.  Students in the Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) at Abington High School posted sticky notes with quotes on every student’s locker.

Walking into the building this Friday morning, the lockers were lined with sayings such as “You are enough just as you are;” “Everything you can imagine is real;” and “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is creating yourself;” just to name a few.

Sophomore Aleena Magnasco, felt that “the motivational posts on the lockers were a great idea and made me smile as I read some walking through the hallway.” Another student, junior Izzy Miele, said that “When I got to my locker, I saw sticky notes posted everywhere. I thought it made a big statement. My note was ‘Dream Big’ which relates to my life right now. It made me think.”

In total, approximately 500 sticky notes were placed in the school for this morning, reminding students that everyone is important, no matter what.

Thank you to the ABC for taking time to make this happen and offering proof that we can achieve anything.