Teacher Spotlight on Mr. DiPrizio

The history of this history teacher


Matthew Lyons

Mr. DiPrizio after school at his desk in the history wing watching a short from the AHS Film Club.

Matthew Lyons, Copy Editor

Mr. Nicholas DiPrizio has been teaching in Abington for five years (three were as a history teacher in the Abington Middle School). He currently teaches U.S. History and is a coach for Abington’s Cross Country team.

Mr. DiPrizio graduated from Pembroke High School and earned his bachelor’s degree from UMASS Boston. While his degree is in English, he found a love for history while working as a substitute teacher in the middle school with two history teachers: Mr. Campbell and Mr. Claus.  When Mr. Claus took off to teach kids geography in China, the door opened for Mr. DiPrizio to teach history as a long termed substitute.

After working in the history department for three years, Mr. DiPrizio developed a connection with his fellow teachers and the culture of Abington. He and Mr. Campbell even started an after school club known as the “Honors History Club.”  Fortunately, when Mr. Claus returned this year, a history teaching position opened at Abington High School. Mr. DiPrizio, applied for and was offered the job.

I love interacting with the students. I mean that’s kind of why I’m here

— Nicholas DiPrizio

When asked about the differences between teaching middle school versus high school, Mr. DiPrizio said, “At the High School, students have things more figured out.” He added that “there’s a little bit less chaos than in the Middle School.” Because high school students are more mature than middle school students, Mr. DiPrizio said it “gives us more flexibility with the curriculum and things that we can do in class.”

While he mainly focuses on his teaching, he also enjoys golfing, playing the guitar, and playing basketball in his free time. When asked about his favorite part of teaching in Abington, Mr. DiPrizio said he most enjoys “the after school clubs and seeing kids in a different environment.” Additionally Mr. DiPrizio said, “I love interacting with the students. I mean, that’s kind of why I’m here.”

Mr. DiPrizio is also a fan of the AHS Film Club, which meets two Thursdays each month. He has even starred in a few.

Known for his great sense of humor, Mr. DiPrizio also has never ending pop culture references. He is a valuable member of the high school staff and a great teacher.