Teacher spotlight: Ms. Milloshi 

Meet the newest librarian


Amanda Lopes

Abington’s newest Library

Amanda Lopes, Contributor

In early October, Abington Public Schools gained a new Librarian; her name is Ms. Milloshi. A lot of things made her want to become a librarian: she wanted to be surrounded by books, she loves research, and she enjoys working with students. 

To become a librarian, a person must have a master’s degree in library science or have a masters in something else, but attend workshops to learn how to work as a librarian. 

Ms. Milloshi believes that the best part of her job is interacting with students.”

— Amanda Lopes

Ms. Milloshi is a very big fan of books, but her favorite is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. She likes the circular plot structure. The only genre of books that she isn’t really a fan of is Horror. She doesn’t like the emotions it conveys. 

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Before coming to Abington Public Schools, Ms. Milloshi taught at Northeastern University where she also received her master’s degree for sociology. In addition to Northeastern, Ms. Milloshi taught at North Shore Community College and did a lot of other things with training, teaching, and research. 

Ms. Milloshi believes that the best part of her job is interacting with students. In regards to the library as a whole, Ms. Milloshi enjoys the beautiful environment and the spaciousness. 

If you need help with finding a book, using the computer, or doing research, Ms. Milloshi would be glad to help.