Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Edwards

New teacher joins the Abington High School community

Ms. Edwards, Special Education teacher

Allison Dennehy

Ms. Edwards, Special Education teacher

Allison Dennehy, Associate Editor

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Ms. Edwards is beginning her first year teaching special education at Abington High School. She also teaches academic support classes. One of her main goals is “to ensure that students are receiving the support and services that they need to succeed in high school and beyond”, which she does by working in collaboration with students, family, and faculty.

Ms. Edwards went to Bridgewater State College (now Bridgewater State University) for a degree in Anthropology and Archaeology, with a minor in Geography. Continuing on this track she went to the University of Albany where she obtained a master’s degree in Anthropology and Archaeology. Nearly ten years later, Ms. Edwards returned to Bridgewater State where she earned her second master’s degree, in Education.

Ms. Edwards has a wide array of interests outside of Archeology and Education. When she attended Concord Carlisle Regional High School she took jazz dance, singing, and guitar lessons.

Despite not teaching straight out of college Ms. Edwards always wanted to teach. She felt that before she taught professionally she “needed to explore other fields in Science (archaeology) and Technology (Geographic Information Systems).” Ms. Edwards’s inspiration to teach came from her family that contains many educators. Her interest in special education came from her nephew and late cousin.

Abington High School has a really great school culture, it has a terrific learning and working environment.”

— Ms. Edwards

Before teaching in Abington, Ms. Edwards taught at the collegiate and high school level. She taught Archaeology at the University of Albany. She went on to teach Earth Science at Plymouth North High and began her career in special education in Easton.

When asked about what she likes about working in Abington, Ms. Edwards says, “the whole environment here is wonderful, from supportive staff to inspiring students. Abington High School has a really great school culture, it has a terrific learning and working environment.” Ms. Edwards also enjoys working with high school students as “this is such an important time of learning as they prepare for their future.” She hopes she can assist students in ways that helps them reach any goals they have.






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