Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Howell

Taking Care of Business

Sarah Tornato, Staff Writer

Mrs. Howell is Abington High School’s newest business teacher and has a fascinating work history. She worked with PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers), the largest accounting firm in the world, in public accounting. After that she worked with private equity for six years in management and later was employed by a startup called Fluidity Fitness which made ballet bars. Mrs. Howell has very impressive credentials; she majored in accounting at UMASS Amherst and is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Mrs. Howell loves learning and she had thought about being a teacher for a very long time, so when a position at AHS, the school her husband graduated from, opened up, it was fate.
The biggest change for her as a teacher is that she is now surrounded by students all day rather than adults, like when she worked in business. Despite this, Mrs.Howell loves to be around students all day. She had previously worked in a cubicle before upgrading to an office, and eventually started working from home. “When you’re in business,” says Mrs. Howell “you’re working by yourself a lot more.”

Mrs. Howell has very impressive credentials.”

— Sarah Tornato

She worked her old job for 12 years and wanted to do something new and more appealing. She feels that being a teacher is more fulfilling and pleasing than her old job, which did not interest her anymore. “It’s been different because being a teacher is like being on stage; you’re in front of everybody all the time,” said Mrs. Howell.

So far, she really enjoys being a teacher and has no desire to go back to the business world (except for teaching students about it). With her vast experience, Mrs. Howell will surely be able to impart some firsthand knowledge to her appreciative students.